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The Most Common Root Causes For Hormone, Mood, & Energy Swings and Labs to Complete

Updated: May 3

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We are living in such demanding times and being pulled in multiple directions has become pretty much normal.

With the expectancy to perform efficiently at work, come home to serve our family and relationships, be financially fit, and maintain our physical health, its no wonder why "life" takes a toll on our mood and energy.

The more accurate way to describe this is being addicted to stress which contributes to an overstimulated nervous system. I remember identifying this when I noticed myself experiencing more anxiety and feeling more short-tempered. I quickly noticed I wasn't alone when listening to the way my clients felt as well.

After working on the 4 things I'lloutline below, I noticed a dramatic difference in my energy and mood, and it improved the way I show up as a wife and mom, and my clients are applying the same tactics and thriving.

4 Root Causes for Hormone and Mood Energy Swings


Ladies, raise your hand if you've ever felt like a juggling act gone rogue: work deadlines, family needs, social obligations, self-care aspirations – the list seems endless. While striving to be the Superwoman of our own lives is admirable, sometimes saying "yes" to everything can come at a cost, particularly for our precious hormonal balance.

Overcommitting can be a recipe for mood swings, energy crashes, and even hormonal havoc deiving cortisol through the roof. Think of it like overloading a circuit – eventually, something's gotta give.

So, let's prioritize our well-being and ditch the guilt of saying "no" sometimes.

Being Out of Sync with Your Cycle & How it Affects Your Hormone

Ever feel like a rollercoaster? One day you're conquering the world, the next you're curled up in a blanket burrito, convinced nobody loves you. It's not just your imagination, it's your hormones! When you're "out of sync" with your cycle, those beautiful chemical messengers can wreak havoc on your mood and energy.

Estrogen and progesterone ebb and flow throughout the month, powering your inner boss during ovulation and leaving you feeling foggy during PMS. Ignoring these shifts is like trying to drive a car with a wonky gas pedal – you're bound to experience some serious jolts.

So, listen to your body's whispers (and roars!). Embrace the energetic highs and tune into the introspective lows. Remember, there's a beautiful rhythm to your cycle, and learning to dance with it can unlock a newfound sense of balance and well-being.

Mineral Imbalances

This feels like feeling like you're constantly trying to catch up, not sleeping well, feeling dull, feeling like you're riding a rollercoaster of moods and energy, even when your period isn't due?

Mineral imbalances can be sneaky culprits, messing with your neurotransmitter production and leaving you feeling like a deflated balloon one day and a firecracker the next.

Magnesium, for example, plays a crucial role in calming nerves and regulating sleep, while iron deficiency can zap your energy and fuel irritability.

A balanced diet rich in leafy greens, whole grains, and lean protein can be your first line of defense, and a chat with your doctor can explore any potential imbalances that need extra TLC.

Imbalanced Blood Sugar

This is my favorite one to talk about, because it's part of the foundation I fix first with my clients. Ever notice that your energy crashes and emotional tide turns just after that afternoon donut? It's not just your imagination, ladies.

Blood sugar fluctuations can wreak havoc on our hormones, leading to a rollercoaster of mood swings and energy dips. Think of it as a dance between glucose and estrogen: when your blood sugar spikes, estrogen levels plummet, leaving you feeling drained and irritable. Then, as the sugar crash hits, you're left feeling anxious and shaky, desperate for another fix. But before you reach for that next treat, remember, we can regain control!

By stabilizing our blood sugar with balanced meals, mindful eating, and a sprinkle of self-care, we can reclaim our hormonal harmony and ride the waves of life with grace and energy, not just on PMS week. Let's ditch the sugar blues and embrace the power of balanced hormones for a mood-boosting, energy-flowing life!

Labs To Look Into

The following lab markers will help in specifying nutrient deficiencies associated with mood, blood sugar fluctuations, and their impact on hormones.

  • Complete Blood Count with Differential

  • Complete Metabolic Panel

  • Vitamin D

  • Fasting Insulin

  • Full Thyroid Panel

We run all of these inside the Her Foundations Panel inside our Lab Shop. You will also receive suggestions, a protocol, and my guided reset program to implement your results!

Join our Free 7-Day Hormone Challenge where we tackle these habits together to create a lifestyle!

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