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4 Hormone Sabotaging Habits to Ditch in 2023

Updated: Feb 6, 2023

Have you ever felt like your efforts to be healthy, balance your hormones, have a peaceful menstrual cycle, and lose weight are in vain?

Well, you are not alone! I see four common habits (which I work on consistently myself) that make or break the shift that my clients want to see in their Hormone Health and overall quality of life.

The first step we take is doing a thorough assessment of Health history and a Hormone assessment (you can find a mini version here) . You can glean almost more information about someone's health just by asking the right questions!

After we identify the underlying imbalances, then we get to work on building the foundation so your hormones have solid habits to stand on!

The four habits below are the major ones that we work on breaking and supporting with my B.L.I.S.S. Method. If you happen to be doing at least one of these habits during the week, welcome to the club, we can help with that!

The 4 Habits

Not eating enough protein & enough fat

Diet culture has ruined the perception around what to eat, when to fast, if keto is for you, or if you should take sea moss.

Your body and brain utilize food as fuel. When your gut and liver are getting the nutrients they need to maintain a healthy gut environment, detox and convert hormones, your endocrine system will thank you, and you will find yourself no longer pushing through.

Listen to your body & eat when you're hungry. Try starting your morning with at least 30 grams of protein!

Stresslaxing has become the Norm

We are constantly on our phones or watching tv. The norm of scrolling to relax before bed has become our version of "me-time" .

Stress can make or break your progress during your health journey. It has the power to decrease important nutrients, decrease stomach acid, and alter our minerals aka spark plugs.

Replenish your adrenal glands with minerals and whole foods. Salt is not the enemy, sugar is!

Using Caffeine as Fuel or on an Empty Stomach

Stresslaxing and undereating will result in feeling tired and hungry. Hello, morning and afternoon caffeine.

This leads to an imbalance in blood sugar + cravings + PMS symptoms. This disrupts our circadian rhythm causing confusion between our hormones like melatonin that are necessary for restful sleep.

Furthermore, this sends our liver into rescue mode, trying to replenish our fuel stores and putting hormone metabolism on the back burner.

Avoid having coffee/caffeine on an empty stomach + pair it with collagen, a nut milk, and a splash of coconut oil.

Intense Exercise to Lose Weight

Calorie counting and overtraining with more high-intensity workouts is not the key to fat-burning or weight loss, despite what you've been told.

This actually leads to more hormonal stress, pushing out more cortisol and sending the body into survival mode = fat-storing mode. Using the phases in your cycle to determine the intensity of your workouts can help you work with your hormones and not against them.

If you are not having a period, walking, light weights, and gentle resistance training is key!

So how do we break these habits? Life gets busy, I completely get it! But the key is consistency, support, credible resources, and a clear plan!

And that is exactly what I provide over in our Pms to Bliss Society! After taking your mini-Hormone assessment, you will receive a special invite to the Bliss Society.

You will learn to decipher what 30 grams of protein looks like for breakfast, recipes to help balance your meals and blood sugar, new and effective ways to relieve stress, what type of workouts are best throughout your cycle, and most of-how to work with your hormones and have enjoyable cycles!

Grab your Free Mini-Hormone Assessment below and find out which hormones are imbalanced! You have nothing to lose!

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