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I coach busy women (like you)  from PMS  symptoms to thriving & symptomless.

Bloating? Cramps? Fatigue & moodiness? Heavy periods? This doesn't have to be your normal..having a happy cycle is achievable.

Whether you're an elite, high-functioning businesswoman or a busy mom of 3 juggling all the things, I'm here to help you get to the root cause of your symptoms and help you make your cycle work for you.


The silent struggle ends here. 

I've been exactly where you are right now, faced those same struggles head-on, and came out stronger on the other side. I get that being a busy woman isn't always smooth sailing, but it's where you grow, learn, and no longer accept your symptoms as "normal" despite what you've been told.

You´re not alone in your frustration, fear of trying something else new, and confusion. I´ve worked with hundreds of amazing women like you who have triumphed over their own limiting beliefs to achieve how they want to feel, and I'm no exception!



Cramping, Clots, Heavy Periods, & PCOS


Fatigue, Hair loss, & Weight Fluctuation


Bloating, Constipation, IBS, & Discomfort 


Fertility & Nutrition for Pre-Conception


Endometriosis, Cortisol Imbalances, & Estrogen  ​

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I´m Dr. Monique, I coach incredible busy women like yourself!

My zone of genius lies in helping busy women get to the root cause of their PMS and health struggles in a way that works for their lifestyle so they can pour from a full cup

As a Women's Functional Nutritionist & Doctor of Chiropractic I love helping women balance hormones, overcome PMS, & thrive with energy through personalized protocols. 

Pushing through has become the norm for many women, but riding on "E" for too long can leave you feeling absent, disconnected, and chronically fatigued. This is where root-cause solutions come in.

You can regain optimal health using your body's data, with a science-based, root-cause approach instead of guessing which diet trend or supplement you should try. I'll evaluate your labs and lifestyle so we can uncover what precisely works best for you from the inside out starting today.


With 10+ years of experience, I've helped numerous women achieve their health goals, improve their quality of life, and pour from a full cup.


My coaching style is tailored to each woman, ensuring that they receive the support and guidance needed to succeed & actually get solutions. 


I'm the one you see when traditional approaches have failed and you're ready to feel heard. Are you ready?

Dr. M 

"Nothing has propelled my presence at home & productivity at work, faster than working with Dr. Monique."

"Signing up to Dr. Monique´s coaching program was 100% the best investment I have made in my life. I wasn´t making progress because I hadn´t taken the time to create the vision of the life i really wanted or get specific solutions that fit my lifestyle. I should have done this work years ago. My quality of life has quadrupled! Thank you, Dr. M!!"


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How we can work together

01. Functional Labs & Nutrition

Our bread and butter and the answer to what you've been looking for if you want solutions and a clear plan to work towards a symptomless lifestyle

02. 8-Week Cohort Coaching

The cohort cultivates a supportive community, and provides 1:1 feedback, bloodwork review, a personalized protocol, and meal ideas, and resources to support the changes you want with high-touch. Cohorts are currently ran quarterly.

03. Tribe Membership 

A Membership designed specifically for busy women and moms with Hormone & PMS Symptoms. A community of women learning to reverse their symptoms and move towards hormone harmony for a life that they thrive in.

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Hey girl! Ready to learn more? Understand more about your PMS and Hormone Symptoms, and where they come from & strategies to overcome them!

No more googling your symptoms and trying to figure out if what you're experiencing is normal. This assessment will narrow down your symptoms, and then I will coach you through why their balanced, root causes, and of course - solutions!


So happy you're here! Check your inbox!

Join our Tribe to thrive monthly!





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Pilates Friends


Hungry for more?

I believe in empowering so you can make your health work for you

Grab yourself your favourite hot drink and settle in for latest news, resources and guides.

Healthy Breakfast

Emilia L.

Ami J.

Jada P.

"Working with Dr. M was a game-changer! She's a nutrition guru who delivers results!"

"Working with Dr. M was what I was missing! I've learned so much about my body and appreciate it more now"

"I can't thank Dr. Monique enough! Her guidance helped me turn my mood & energy around. The course was a game-changer!"

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Are you ready to reach your full potential?

I can´t wait to hear your vision and help you bring it into reality. 

If we did all the things we are capable of, we would literally astound ourselves.

THOMAS EDISON - Inventor and businessman

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