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Hey there you!

I´m Monique!
Doctor, Coach, Jesus lover, health nut, educator self-proclaimed chef, wife, mama, and friend.

It took me a solid 9 years of different paths and lessons learned to get where I am today. I LOVE  helping women identify, achieve, and often surpass their wildest health dreams! Oh, and I love bloodwork of course! I believe we can be Her AND Well.

I've always known I wanted to help women in some profound way

But first, I had to help myself...

I've spent over a decade helping women reclaim their health, understand their symptoms, and reconnect with their bodies to feel energized and like themselves again!

Possibly like you, I didn't know I had a "hormone imbalance" until I was running on "E" and wanted to conceive. I thought my bloating, energy dips + mood swings, and PMS were all "normal". So I had to dig deeper and here is what I found...

Truth is, your menstrual cycle can tell you:
🩸Why you're bloated and constipated
🩸Why you're having headaches + a heavy flow
🩸When to ask for a raise and how to work out
🩸Why your mood & appetite is inconsistent 

And your Bloodwork, when read correctly can:
🔎 Uncover missing nutrients necessary for happy hormones
🔎 Help detect the source of inflammation
🔎 Help you connect the dots so you understand the reasons your "check engine" light is on
🔎 Reassure you that it’s "not all in your head"

🔎 Find the root cause of infertility, chronic symptoms, headaches, crappy periods, and so much more!

I can't wait to see you win too!

"My capacity to thrive didn´t happen over night. I still have to hit the "reset" button too. True health is a lifestyle, not a job, and it can be your greatest teacher when you listen."

Yours truly

I've been working hard for you








My goal is to get you more!


Optimized Health! Unlock the vision you have for yourself and match it with specific actions

Less Symptoms! A symptomless life is possible, you just need a plan to get there + empowerment. 

Clear Structure! Introduce calm and peace through your health journey while you hit your goals!

Quality of Life! When you feel good, you're able to be more present for those you love

mental Freedom! Not having to obsess over what you eat, your weight, or dreading your period is lifechanging. No ore dieting

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Coffee date?

Free 15 minute consultation

Not sure if coaching is for you? Want more clarity? Reach out, let´s chat and i´ll do everything I can to help you out.

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