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Use your body's data to start listening to the signs and get a plan to start feeling your best again.


We're digging deeper than "everything looks normal". Finally, understand your symptoms with a Whole-Body Evaluation.

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Not sure where to start? Book a FREE CONSULT and I'll help you determine what's best!

Service List

Ways to Work with ​​me

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The journey starts here with "Bring Your Own Bloodwork" ! Use your recent bloodwork (completed within the last 90 days) and have it evaluated by me.

Here's What's Included:

  • Bloodwork Evaluation report with normal vs. optimal ranges. 

  • An audio review of your results.

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Functional Lab Test Add-Ons + Analysis


This option is great for women experiencing chronic period issues (heavy bleeding, clotting), gut troubles (bloating, constipation, etc), endometriosis, and persistent acne, have been diagnosed with a condition, and who would like to do a deeper dive. This is highly recommended to do alongside the Foundations Reset if you are ready to take action.

Here's What's Included:

  • Functional Lab Test of Choice or decided on during consult (Options include: Comprehensive Blood work Panel,GI Map, and DUTCH)

  • Analysis and Summary Report 

  • An audio review and walkthrough of your results.

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Her Foundations Reset & 4-Week Protocol


This option is great for women experiencing PMS, gut troubles, irregular periods, energy, sleep, and mood changes, and who would like to understand their symptoms more. This is a way to reset with guidance.

Here's What's Included:

  • Her Foundations Bloodwork panel

  • Bloodwork Evaluation report with normal vs. optimal ranges of bloodwork 

  • A Hormone and Body System Assessment 

  • An audio review of your results.

  • 4-Week Reset Program, Guidance + Protocol

  • 4-Week 1:1 Coaching and Text Support inside the Practice Better App

  • 1 Month Access to the Her+Well Tribe Membership

Payment options available. Additional 1:1 Coaching is available after working with me through my 28-Day Foundations Reset program first.


Book a Consult or use the chat box so we can help you assess which service best suits your needs.

The Process

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1. Choose your service

​Choose your service above or Book your free call to help you strategize which service may best fit you. Afterward, you will receive your link to begin your new journey! Spots are limited monthly to ensure high-quality support. 

2. Submit your Bloodwork.

​Submit your bloodwork completed in the last 90 days or schedule your bloodwork (depending on which service you choose) at your local Labcorp with the requisition received via email. All labs require 12 hours of fasting and results can take from 3-10 business days to return. 

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3. Complete Your forms 

​Complete your health history forms. After all forms and bloodwork/testing is completed, I will review your results and email your custom analysis within 7-14 business days!


"Wow. Getting my Bloodwork read from a Functional perspective was beyond enlightening. It made all my symptoms make sense & the protocol helped me take confident action! 

"Before getting my bloodwork completed and interpreted, I was completely lost, confused, and felt pretty defeated because I didn't understand how I could address my symptoms. Then Dr. M handed me a map, the light bulb came on, and I could navigate with confidence. " - Vanessa B.




No clear direction

Clients often find us after feeling they have tried everything else and are tired of hearing that "everything looks normal", but not feeling that way 

Clarity and direction

Getting specific by listening to my clients and utilizing the information they provide to put the puzzle pieces together for a clear plan & protocol.

Unable to sustain

This is a big one! Yoyo dieting and temporary results are hard to maintain and frustrating=more stress.

A Plan for Your Lifestyle

One of our biggest brags is creating a plan that fits into your lifestyle, that you can sustain even with a family.

Too Expensive

Our clients often express hesitation due to how much they have spent on past interventions that didn't work or afraid of "functional medicine" prices.

Flexible Investments

We offer many options that are affordable alongside payment plans to help make this work for you and your family. Investing in your health can be scary, but so is feeling unwell for a lifetime. This is we get specific to save time & money!

What sets us Apart!
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Convenient, Affordable,
and Epowering

​1:1 Support with HIPAA Secure mobile Apps, messaging, and Flexible Payment options

The goal of Her+Well Diagnostics is to provide you with holistic and functional solutions to your health struggles. We do not diagnose or treat diseases, and our support does not replace the direction given from your physician.


You will receive a personalized plan paired with guided foundational programs and resources specific to your needs and goals based on your Functional evaluation and body's data.

Our Bloodwork Services include the cost of lab testing which makes the ability to work with a functional practitioner more affordable. These one-off services range from $57-$125. We accept HSA, FSA, and provide flexible payment options in-house or through Affirm to take the stress out of achieving your health goals.

I'm ready to get started!
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Feel Equipped with a solid foundation, explanation, and Guidance

​During your journey, you will learn what works best for YOU with personalized habits, protocol, and labwork interpretation. Based on your history and nutrition assessment you will receive a personalized 10+ page report called your "Well-Plan" with suggestions to help you optimize based on imbalances found.



By the end of applying your plan, you will...

  • Feel a difference in your energy levels and mood

  • Improve your gut and liver health

  • Improve your mental clarity and decrease brain fog

  • Improve the health of your hair, skin, and nails

  • Improve your cramps, flow, and mindset around your cycle

  • Feel reconnected with your body and confident in your relationship with food

Let's Do This!


If you've struggled with some form of hormone imbalance...

  • You're tired of painful period cramps and losing time from activities or work because of your period.

  • Your flow is heavy or non-existent and you're ready to explore other options besides birth control or shots

  • You've tried eating gluten-free, lactose-free, and cycle-syncing diets but each time you end up feeling bloated, fed-up, overwhelmed, and no closer to finding relief from your symptoms.

  • You've had a few stressful events in your life and you're ready to finally focus on your health before it slows you down

  • You're ready to have the energy to play with your children, have more patience, and feel fully present & less moody for those you love.

  • You're tired of being told that how you feel is "normal" and anxiety and depression have started to creep in more often than you'd like.

  • You know that you could be feeling 5x's better and want to achieve your optimal health again

It's time to take your power back!
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I ultimately want to empower you with the knowledge and tools that you need to take your health back. No more unexplainable headaches, bloating, and low energy! It is possible to truly feel good again. If you need a listening ear and guidance on which directions to take, please don't hesitate to book a free call with me!


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