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Adrenal Cocktail

Adrenal cocktails help restore the minerals that usually due to stress, diet, or environment. The cocktail takes the stress off of the adrenals by balancing blood sugar and vital nutrients.

A balanced adrenal cocktail usually contains an easy-to-digest carb, potassium, and vitamin C (OJ), saturated fat (cream), a little bit of protein (collagen), and salt.

I like using fresh-squeezed OJ, Natalie's, or Uncle Matt's organic orange juice, Perfect Supplements Collagen powder, Coconut creme, and Redmonds sea salt.

Simple recipe:

  • ½ cup orange juice

  • ½ cup coconut water

  • pinch of pink Himalayan salt or Redmond's

Optional add-ins:

  • 1 scoop collagen powder

  • 2 tablespoon coconut cream or full-fat coconut milk

  • ¼ teaspoon cream of tartar


  • Stir the orange juice, coconut water, and salt together in a glass and drink up! Alternatively, you can add them to a mason jar with a lid and shake them to combine.

  • If you're adding the optional add-ins -- specifically the coconut cream/milk -- you'll want to add everything to a blender or use a hand blender and blend for 10-15 seconds.


  • Orange juice - can use vitamin C powder instead or omit it altogether

  • Coconut water - Can use as the main ingredient instead of OJ or omit it altogether

  • If you DON'T use the orange juice, add 1 tablespoon of lemon or lime juice instead

If you want the recipe to taste like a creamsicle, follow the "simple recipe" and add the coconut cream/milk

This recipe makes 1 cup; feel free to increase the amount to your liking or to modify the rations (i.e. use more/less OJ or coconut water)

*Storage: store in a glass jar with a lid in the refrigerator for up to 5 days

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