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Let´s work together!

I can´t wait to meet you, hear your vision, and help you unlock your full health potential.

Whether you feel comfortable in a group, love a step-by-step program, or are all about that one-on-one coaching experience, we've got you covered.


Let's create the life you envision without your symptoms in the way!

My life goal is to help women create the health & life that they love! Check out my services, reach out for a chat and let´s get you a plan!


Labs & Nutrition

A great place to reset with specific action steps


Cohort Coaching

Cohort coaching cultivates a supportive community + 1:1.


Tribe membership

Meticulously crafted for those ready to commit and do the work.

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Coffee date?

Free 15 minute consultation

Not sure if coaching is for you? Want more clarity? Reach out, let´s chat and i´ll do everything I can to help you out.

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Functional Labs & Nutrition

Our bread and butter and the answer to what you've been looking for if you want solutions and a clear plan to work towards a symptomless lifestyle a root-cause and holistic approach for PMS, hormone imbalances, and bloating. The right way to hit the reset button.

Access to my Foundations Course and Book, Reset program, masterclasses, and more to help empower you.

Personalized suggestions to save you time and eliminated guessing based off your data

Access to Recipes and meal Guides to take the stress out of eating discounts on high=quality supplements

A personalized 4-12 week plan with lifestyle, supplements, and nutrition with a custom bloodwork panels for

1-month access to the Her+Well Tribe to support your journey, protocols, woman-curated articles, and more.​

INVESTMENT: $57-1810

"I was spinning my wheels, lost in between so many diets, not knowing why the results wouldn't stick..."

"With Dr. M, I found direction, purpose, and most importantly, clarity. She dissected my challenges, providing actionable solutions. Today, my I am more present, full of energy, and having regular periods & bowel movements thanks to her expertise. If you're stuck, she's the compass you need!" Thank you Monique!!"- Kya R.

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Group Coaching

Group coaching cultivates a supportive community, and provides 1:1 feedback, bloodwork review, a personalized protocol, and meal ideas, and resources to support the changes you want without the investment of 1:1 coaching.

Bloodwork evaluation and review of your most recent bloodwork (Within last 90 Days) ($125 value)

Functional and Hormone Assessment so I can understand your journey and goals ($450 Value)

Personalized Weekly Habits and 1 Week of Plate Feedback during Check-ins  ($300 Value)

A Guided Program alongside my coaching to empower you with knowledge ($375 Value)

Weekly Meal Blueprints to take the guesswork out of meal ideas ($300 Value)

Issue of my Rooted in Foundations Guide to eliminate your Google searches ($37 Value)

Access to Hormone Balancing Recipes, My supplement store, and helpful articles inside the Her+Well Tribe for1 Month ($ 250 Value)



Are you looking for more individual support?

Let's get to the root cause of your symptoms together.


The Her + Well Tribe.
monthly support to supercharge your health.

Created for the woman who is ready to commit and do the work monthly with accountability & community. The Tribe provides exclusive education, support, and the tools you need to thrive.

Ever wonder why your lab results come back normal and you don't feel "normal" or are still experiencing the same symptoms? Let me help you put the puzzle pieces together inside the tribe without google, identify any hormone, gut, and nutritional imbalances,  walk away confident and ready to take action!

This is a great fit for those who are ready for ongoing support.

Discount on Supplements, 1:1 Services, and Coaching

A Roadmap to having your best period and cycle

Weekly Virtual Q&A & Quarterly Live Q&A

Monthly Coaching and Habit building on topics like gut health, skin, hormone health, & more.

Access to the recipe vault with cycle-synced and hormone balancing resources. 

A plethora of E-resources and courses available 24/7

INVESTMENT: $17.99 monthly/$157 Quarterly

It´s time!
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