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Foundations of Hormone Balance

Hormone balance can seem to be complicated, but having a foundation truly helps out instead of flying by the seat of our pants. Hydrate with minerals and Eat Nourishing Foods:

As women, you'd be surprised in how mineral deficient we are. This effects our sleep, mood, energy levels, and brain power. I love using "Goodonya" minerals or Trace Minerals to add to my water. Water alone is just not enough sometimes. Couple that with nourishing foods like leafy grrens to nourish the liver and your body has a foundation to build better hormone balance with. Repair Your Gut + Nourish Your Liver:

These two systems go hand in hand, as we want to be able to efficiently break down and absorb the nutrients from the food we eat, but also distribute them throughout our bodies for nourishment and not back into our bloodstream undigested. Our liver helps detoxify and help get rid of excess hormones (especially estrogen) and is often overworked (that is why you always hear about detoxing-but it must be done the right way). The best way to know what's going on is in your gut is by getting to the root cause by doing a scan like those created @creatingbalancedhealth Minimize Environmental Toxins:

Speaking of detoxing, yup our liver has to detox the 80,000 chemicals we are exposed to daily that are in our soaps, candles, perfumes, mattresses, cleaning products, etc. So switching to cleaner products like Seventh Generation, Branch Basics or Infuse by Casabella can help decrease our exposure to those hormone disrupting chemicals and give our liver some love.

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