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3 Staples that Build Healthy Habits that I Can't Live Without

Building healthier habits is KEY to creating true, long-lasting change. So often, we just have no clue where to start and honestly doing a major overhaul while trying to be the amazing woman you are, can add more stress than relief at times.

The goal is to keep it simple & eating shouldn't be stressful. It's also important to recognize that NONE of us are perfect eaters (not even myself). So I have to share with you how to start creating consistency in your healthy lifestyle by implementing "staples". These will make a very large difference in your energy, gut health, and mental clarity and will serve you the most when life gets busy.


By now you may have heard of the amazing benefits of lemon water. Its' properties aid in digestion, rejuvenate the skin, body, and liver, boost energy & mood, and hydrates our lymph system (the system that moves fatty acids and white blood cells)! Its Vitamin C content is also a boost for our immune system. A common misconception is that drinking lemon water will make your body acidic, but lemon water actually has an alkalizing effect on the body which means it makes the pH of the body less acidic and balances its pH. A great swap would be swapping out your fruit punch or soda for lemon water instead.

How to use: Squeezing half of the lemon into warm water in the morning is a great way to start.


Both collagen protein and bone broth contain gut-healing and joint healing properties that are beneficial to skin, hair, and nails, as well as energy due to their "sealing" effect on the gut wall.

How to use: One scoop into your smoothie, water, or coffee daily before your breakfast is an easy way to incorporate collagen. One of my favorite brands is Dr. Axe's Multi-Collagen. For the Bone broth, whether you make your own or use an on-the-go pack (my favorite brand is Lono-Life), you can sip on this any time of day and even substitute it for meals instead of fast food.


These can be amazing in assisting the body by breaking down our fats, carbs, and proteins. If you notice that you are gassy or burp, or experience bloating after eating, these can be very helpful in eliminating that. With our food and diets always evolving, our levels of HCL (an acid the body uses to break down food) have plummeted and these help with digestion and relieve gas and abdominal bloating. When foods are broken down efficiently, we can truly benefit from the nutrients that they provide and have longer-lasting energy. These were a big hit in my brain fog challenge as well!

I recommend "Feel Good Digestive Enzymes" by Solluna or Digestive Enzymes by Pure Encapsulations. You can find some in the Wellness Shop to choose from. These enzymes also kill off yeast in the gut which is what sets them apart from other enzymes.

How to: Take 1-2 Capsules before lunch or before dinner, which tends to be your heaviest meal.

How to turn these staples into nourishing habits:

The first is to commit to implementing if not all 3, at least one of the above staples starting today based on what you need!

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