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Reset Your Circadian Rhythm and Improve Your Sleep: Quick Guide

Increase your energy, reduce brain fog, and improve your mood with these simple strategies

Morning Sunshine

Get early morning sunlight. Melinopsin, receptors in your eyes get the signal that the day has begun from the frequency of light that natural early morning sunlight gives off. Your body then releases the hormones needed to give us energy and later in the evening this shifts to hormones that help us sleep.

Magnesium Glycinate

Consider taking a magnesium glycinate supplement one hour before bed. This stimulates the parasympathetic nervous systems and helps our body prepare for sleep.

Here is a link to a high-quality magnesium supplement. 500mg has been shown to be an effective dose.

Avoiding Electronics Before Bed

Avoid electronics or use blue light blockers in the afternoon. The blue light from a screen (phone, computer, TV) gives off a frequency of light that confuses the body and keeps the mind and body awake. Here is a link to blue-light blocking glasses that will eliminate this confusion.

Timing of Eating

This one may be hard for some with work and lifestyle schedules. Avoid eating within three hours of bed. Eating causes the body to release the hormones needed for digestion and slows the hormones needed for deep sleep and repair. Instead of snacking, drink caffeine-free tea or water. Chamomile Tea and caffeine free Green Tea have compounds that signal to the brain that it is time to sleep.

Nighttime Routine

Create a consistent night time routine. When possible, go to bed at the same time every night and preform the same ritual each night before bed. Wear clothes to bed that you only wear to sleep. Consider a deep breathing ritual before bed.

Nighttime Calming Rituals

Calm your mind with daily rituals and journaling. Before bed write down a checklist of things you do not want to forget to do the next day, so you don't go to bed thinking about this. Also right down a few gratitude statements to calm the mind (this can be SO helpful)!


Keep your room completely dark (including small lights from electronics, street lights, and night lights). Use room darkening shades and remove electronics from your room. Yes, that means keep your phone outside of your bedroom.


Reduce the temperature in your room at night. Our body temperature naturally drops at night to allow healing and repair to occur. Assist this process by turning down the heat.

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