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Beat BBC and Feel Amazing

You’re probably wondering what the heck is BBC? Well BBC is something that so many of us struggle with on a daily basis and some have struggled with this for years, which has sadly been deemed as normal.

BBC stands for Bloating, Brain Fog, and Constipation. A trifecta of uncomfortable feelings that tend to be associated with one another. Neither of those three things makes us feel great and truly have the potential to be debilitating. I remember the days of sitting through long classes feeling miserably bloated, unable to concentrate because I was literally counting down the minutes until class was over.

And this isn’t something that happens to women, men experience it as well. What’s not great is that this can become really uncomfortable because other things that also come with this lovely package is gas pains, stomach cramps, moodiness, inability to focus, and inconsistent bowel movements.

Below are my 10 Steps to Better Digestion to help you get rid of Bloating, Brain Fog, and Constipation.

1. Chew food well & Eat in a calm state - digestion not only starts in the mouth, but it also starts in the mind. Creating a calm environment to enjoy your meal paves the way for a better digestive process.

2. Heal your leaky gut - if you are experiencing any of the above-mentioned issues, then it may be time to truly look to healing your gut lining to prevent chances of developing chronic illness.

3. Incorporate Digestive enzymes- if you are having difficulty chewing and breaking down food, digestive enzymes can assist in reducing the big food particles and encourage the absorption of nutrients.

4. Eliminate gut irritants & liver taxing habits- if you have noticed adverse reactions to foods (skin allergies, eczema, bloating, belching, stomach pain, etc) or drinks in the past, try eliminating them (dairy, gluten, sugar, etc) for 7-14 days and then re-introduce them. This will tell you your sensitivities, allergies, and start to uncover culprits of brain fog.

5. Eliminate Added Sugar- unhealthy sugar feeds the bad bacteria in the gut, overloads the liver, and can lead to SIBO and Candida, bloating, constipation, and poor blood sugar control. It is counter-intuitive when trying to improve digestion, liver health, or maintain a healthy diet.

6. Incorporate lemon water - this will aid in helping one of the liver's crucial roles which are producing bile. Bile + other stomach acids are responsible for engulfing and breaking down food, specifically fats, to help digest it.

*Clinician Note: Bile is stored in the gallbladder and released. You can notice that fat is not properly being digested by watching for it in your stool. You can also notice that your gallbladder may not be releasing bile properly if you are experiencing sharp pains on the right side of the body above the stomach.

7. Boost your gut flora- with a soil based organism probiotic or if necessary a pre-biotic and pro-biotic to rebuild the gut flora and create stability for the absorption of nutrients, hormone synthesis, and immune support. Another way to boost the gut flora is with fermented foods or drinks such as kombucha, kimchi, sauerkraut, miso, sugar-free yogurt, or kefir.

8. Eating a nutrient-dense diet - incorporate a diet rich in vegetables, healthy fats,  and occasional grass-fed animal products, wild-caught fish, and fruit not too high in sugar (the berry family). Remember to keep in mind which foods are high in FODMAPs to eliminate bloating. This type of diet has multiple benefits of helping to reduce cravings and establishing a healthy weight.

9. Incorporate plant-based fiber or a Green Smoothie- adding a green smoothie, low in sugar to your morning routine can supply the gut + liver with natural digestive enzymes and fiber to help balance and avoid blood sugar spikes. This will also help to avoid sugar cravings.  Constipation is due to inflammation and a nutrient deficiency, and that nutrient is fiber. You can find your best sources of fiber in greens. So if you are already eating a nutrient-dense diet based on plants, your fiber intake naturally increases.

10. Implement stress management techniques - stress plays a major part in properly digesting food and BBC because it can decrease nutrients and decrease the liver's ability to produce bile which also lowers the production and efficiency of the other stomach acids, which means that food isn't properly prepared for digestion. This one step alone can improve your digestion! Look to incorporate yoga, breathing, meditation, exercises such as walking, running, or whatever works best to decrease your stress levels.

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