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3 Daily Healthy Habits a Busy Mom Can't Live Without

Momming is no easy task. whether new or old, we can all use these habits to help us avoid pouring from an empty cup.

If I didn't keep these 3 habits weaved into my hectic daily routines, I don't know where I'd be. Because even when the days still feel like a mess, these 3 habits in particular keep me grounded and quite frankly sane.

  1. I balance my blood sugar.

  2. I take a multitude of deep breaths and body tension awareness is my superpower

  3. I drink my water with electrolytes + minerals before my wine

Now here is the why and how.

  1. I balance my blood sugar. Because those mood swings and small moments of rage are most likely due to an imbalanced blood sugar coupled with stress. Learning to balance your blood sugar first thing in the morning is a superpower. So before you pick up your morning cup of coffee, please drink your water and eat something first, or all of your hormones will be a wreck to follow. The goal is to always balance breakfast (and the rest of your meals) with a healthy fat, fiber, and protein). You can grab recipes and balanced meal ideas inside our women’s community when you join for free.

How: Brains and Beauty Smoothie or Before Bed Breakfast Scramble

Check out my favorite smoothie recipe for energy, brain power, glowing skin, and a happy gut (that I have before my coffee) and my favorite balanced breakfast scramble.

The before bed breakfast scramble is a lifesaver because the last thing we have time to do is cook breakfast in the morning and create dishes for later. So the night before, I prep an amazing blood-sugar balancing, and hormone-loving breakfast scramble that the whole family loves. It crosses off your healthy fats, fiber, and protein and sustains you with energy through the morning, curbing those sweet cravings before the afternoon.

Both of these recipes can be prepped and work for the whole family.

2. I take a multitude of deep breaths. And they are all intentional and stress- relieving. There is a science to breathing. Mindful breathing was once underrated, but now it's back. I know its automatic and subconscious, but when you are stressed, anxious, or excited, the first thing that changes is your breathing. Start taking deeper breaths at least 3 times a day.

Deep Breathing can reduce anxiety, agitation, and stress while promoting relaxation, calm and inner peace. Wim Hof, a Dutch extreme exercise practitioner, and teacher advocates deep breathing, to enrich the blood with oxygen—which has many benefits, including alkalizing the blood by reducing CO 2, which can decrease inflammation.

How: Try this quick breathing exercise or if you have a smart watch, set a reminder to do their guided breathing exercise. 4-2-6 Deep Breathing: While sitting, breathe in through your nose for 4 counts, hold your breath for 2 counts, breathe out your nose for 6 counts.

Counting helps you focus solely on your breathing and not being distracted by the many tasks you may have in your day. It will you be more present and patient with those you love.

Here is a quick graphic to help with this!

3. I drink my water with minerals before indulging in wine. Hormone balance requires hydration with minerals. Why? Because water follows these minerals into your cells, promoting true hydration. Whether you get your minerals from electrolytes, lemon-water, or mineral drops, it is a must. My favorite way to hydrate are with Goodonya’s Electrolyte Mineral Powder. It’s certified organic with lemon juice, magnesium sea minerals (a mineral that plays a role in our relaxation/sleep, energy, muscle recovery, and so much more), coconut water, stevia, and pink Himalayan salt (Containing 80 minerals like potassium, iron, and calcium- Himalayan pink salt is great for blood sugar balance as it improves insulin sensitivity, mood, detoxing (which is why salt lamps are made of them as they purify the air), blood pressure, and hydration.This has been a game changer. Finding the right minerals can level up your entire day.

Never end your day dehydrated, and follow up with a glass of wine. Remember, each day and meal sets the tone for the next day or meal

I hope these tips are helpful and give you a stable foundation when momming gets hard. These small habits can truly make a profound difference in overall hormone balance coupled with consistency.

If you enjoyed this article, don't miss out on many more inside our wellness library for free. Join our women’s community and gain immediate access to recipes, articles, inspiration, and more!

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